Home Staging Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Home staging is certainly one of the most critical parts of a home selling process. It implies emphasizing the strongest and most appealing features of your home to help your prospective buyers visualize themselves living in it. Furthermore, home staging increases the value of your property significantly, and, finally, it decreases the time your home will spend on the real estate market. Hence, if you are a first time home seller, you have to master the rules of home staging to the finest detail. Luckily, we can help you with this task by providing you with some useful tips on the subject.


If you have a limited budget you can invest in home staging, it is essential to make a plan and define the top priorities. Not all the rooms in your home matter the same so bear this in mind when doing the calculations and planning your finances. Generally, the rooms buyers pay the most attention to are the living room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. These have to be in an impeccable condition to create a positive first impression. If your budget allows investing in improving the bathroom, guest room, or children’s room as well, you can proceed with this process. However, always remember not to spend too much if you cannot expect the return on your investment.

Calculate the amount of money you can afford to invest in home improvement.

Depersonalization is the first step

We all enjoy immensely in giving our living space a distinctive personal touch. Your potential buyers like that too. Thus, it is of key importance to direct home staging towards the depersonalization of your home. You may not be aware of this as a first home seller, but, if a buyer is surrounded by your memories, pictures, and personal items from the moment he/she crosses your threshold, they will feel as if they were invading your personal space, which will further result in creating an uncomfortable feeling. This significantly diminishes the chances of selling your home efficiently and to your satisfaction.

Home staging must include decluttering

In accordance with the ever-present human trait to get emotionally attached to certain items, a great majority of people have a lot of things at home that they do not or cannot use but are still unwilling to part with. This clutter, which is a common part of our everyday lives has to be eliminated during home staging. Clutter makes your home seem less appealing, a bit crowded and messy, which is, by all means, the impression you do not want to create.

Decluttering is a must during home staging.

On the other hand, decluttering is beneficial for another reason as well. Whether you will move locally or move from one state to another once the home sale comes to its end, having fewer belongings will considerably decrease the moving costs and make them less harmful to your family budget. This is a great convenience in the given circumstances when you have to care about your finances.

A squeaky clean home is what prospective buyers want to see

When visiting your home for the first time, potential buyers will scan it thoroughly, every single corner included. If you want your current living space to bear the scrutiny of their eyes, spotless cleanliness is a must. Hence, clean the home prior to putting it on the market and do not forget to pay attention to the interior of your fridge, below the cupboards, behind the shelves, all those areas we do not normally clean or check on a daily basis. At this point, hiring professional cleaners seems completely reasonable, so you should consider this as one of the options.

Simple repairs can do a miracle to your home

Conducting some minor repairs will probably be necessary prior to letting potential buyers come to explore your home. The aim is to make them understand that the home they are considering is well-maintained and taken care of. This will further motivate them to choose your property among numerous similar others that are also on the market.

Investing in a simple painting is always a good idea. If you cannot afford to paint the whole interior, refresh the walls in those rooms buyers are most interested in –as we have already mentioned, these are the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Opt for neutral colors, which will give your home the elegance and yet the warmth of family home buyers will be able to visualize themselves in.

Eliminate all those scratches, tiny holes, nicks around the house, because they may be perceived as signs of negligence and cause a negative first impression. Make an effort to present the property you are selling in the favorable light and only then can you expect the results.

Brighten up your home

Bright, well-lit spaces are everybody’s favorite. To achieve this effect, you need to make your home as bright as possible. Let the natural light in, open the windows, open the blinds, turn on the light. All these steps will not only brighten up your home, but they will also make it seem much more spacious. A lot of light will make your home more welcoming, which will, eventually, result in arousing potential buyers’ interest to purchase your property.

Add freshness to your living space

A few home plants in appropriate places combined with some flowers can bring liveliness and freshness to your home. A nice vase with flowers in your living room or your kitchen will give you the desired effect.

Flowers and plants give liveliness and freshness to your home.

If you want freshness, you also need to eliminate any odors in your home. Cleaning it thoroughly will certainly help, but you can also use scented plug-ins in some of the rooms.

Exterior matters as well

Since the positive first impression is of key importance, home staging tips for first time home sellers and those with experience in the field suggest paying close attention to the exterior as well. This is necessary because, as we often forget, buyers start their analysis the moment they step on your property, and that means even before they enter your home. Make sure your lawn is neatly mowed, the path clean, the garden well maintained. Otherwise, you may seriously endanger the success of your sale by creating a negative first impression.


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