8 Things that are surprisingly easy to let go of...

Plastic Shopping Bags - Many people stuff bags in a drawer out of guilt. Lots of municipal recycling programs won’t take plastic bags, but you can often find a collection bin at your local grocery store or a pet park in need of them. While you are at it, buy a couple reusable shopping bags so you can avoid accumulating plastic bags again.

Old Christmas and Birthday Cards - As a card & letter writer, I struggle with throwing away a letter from family or a beloved friend. Maybe trimming the archives to the most special ones or keep digital photos of them & still store the memories? Along the same theme, recycle or giveaway unused wrapping paper, especially scraps.

Random Knick Knacks - Take organizing gurus’ advice and ditch stuff that doesn’t bring joy. If the gnome family brings you great happiness, then show them off as you like. Consider making a list of "questionables" and donating those that have no value and bring no joy.

Other Paper stacks - Throw away old magazines, receipts, junk mail and flyers from past events. Paper stacks strewn about can create a feeling of frustration.  I recently spent some time cleaning out a desk that was full of accumulated notes from classes, old articles, etc.  I separated the disposable ones into two groups: ones with key personal identification on them and ones without such identification. With the pile containing identity data, I made sure not to toss the sensitive information. Instead, shredding is often recommended, with some banks and shipping stores offering shredding services.

Presents – Don’t keep gifts so you don't offend the giver. You can re-gift to someone else who will love it! Giving appreciation to the giver for their kindness is expected, but why keep it on a shelf? VERY Important – Label who gave you the gift so you don’t get caught re-gifting to the original giver…

Old Clothes you don't wear – don’t keep them unless you plan to save for future generations, such as a treasured family outfit. Add to that list clothes that are not flattering or have holes and flaws, unless there is some hidden value.  Jewelry that you don’t wear or that is broken could also go, with exceptions for heirlooms & valuables.

Kitchen items that are unused – i.e. bread maker, yogurt maker, ice cream maker. This toss could aid with dietary restrictions or with reaching a weight goal while cleaning out needed space.

Manuals or boxes for items no longer owned – you can usually find the manual online nowadays, so most manuals could be recycled (check online before you do toss though!) Some may have eBay value or rarity.

Also, look at how shedding extras could allow time to be used with better results. Doesn’t less clutter lighten your burdens as well as freshen your space?

For more space-freeing suggestions, take a look at:  https://organisemyhouse.com/23-things-to-declutter-today