4 Unique Benefits You Can Only Get With Assist2Sell

Not all realty services are created equal. Assist2Sell does things a little differently than the average real estate company. We believe friends don’t let friends pay six percent. What does this mean for you? With Assist2Sell, you don’t have to fork out six percent or more of the value of your home to get outstanding realty services. Assist2Sell charges a flat fee instead of commission to save you money. That’s not all – explore all the ways we’re different from our competitors below. Then, let us sell your home!

Full-Service Discounted Commission Realtor

Assist2Sell is in an entirely different category from most of its competitors. We aren’t a high-commission real estate office like most traditional firms. We also aren’t a limited-service discounted commission group. Instead, we are a full-service discounted commission real estate group. We give our clients the best of both worlds – a discounted price and full real estate services. We do this by taking clients on a flat-fee basis instead of charging commission on sales. Assist2Sell provides full service with savings. This is the number one thing that sets us apart from the average realty service, but our benefits don’t end there.

Expert Agents at Low Prices

Don’t let the word “discount” make you think our real estate agents are anything less than experts in their fields. You can save thousands of dollars on commission and still receive the very best real estate services on the market with Assist2Sell. We don’t compromise quality to bring our clients affordable services. Instead, we understand the desire to save money and enjoy full-service real estate capabilities. We employ real estate experts to help our clients achieve the results they want.

Sellers Make the Marketing Decisions

Many property owners are emotionally attached to the homes they’re selling. It might have been the family residence for the last decade, or a house-flipping project that took weeks of hard work to finish. Whatever the case, Assist2Sell knows how important it is for most owners to have the final say when it comes to marketing. Our expert agents will provide marketing tips and tricks and promote your home to the fullest extent of our abilities – but we give you the final say in marketing. Putting you in control means the campaign will go exactly how you want it, with results we can achieve through aggressive promotion strategies.

Aggressive Marketing Services

Our aggressive promotion tactics include social media marketing, property showings, arranging for agents to show your home, internet marketing on top real estate websites, and handling phone calls and inquiries to the property. We’ll take care of everything marketing-related while you focus on other aspects of property ownership. We’ll give you as much or as little marketing responsibility as you want, while filling in the gaps with our extensive industry knowledge and network. We have the resources you need to sell for top dollar, faster.